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Our prebuilt PVC doors and windows are made from German ALUPLAST profile which features longevity, high quality and safety, good thermal and sound insulation, esthetic refinement and effectiveness and low maintenance costs. PVC profiles are reinforced with galvanized steel profiles.

In our windows and doors are installed fittings from renowned manufacturer Siegenia.
You can choose between white and brown profile.

We produce PVC windows tailored to your living space.

Overview of the drainage openings on the wing and within PVC windows

Two-wing PVC windows are produced in two variants. One variant is such that only one wing tilt and turn while the other only tilt. In this case, there is no bar in the middle of the window, but the wing seals on the second wing. In this variant only the tilt and turn wing has window handles and must always be the first to open, while the other wing opens using upper and lower latches (a cheaper option) or one-handed stulp fitting. But if we want both wings to have tilt and swing function then it is necessary to create such a window that has bar in the middle, in which case both tilt and swing wings have window handles and are opened independently of one another.

Spoj profila sa celicnim ojacanjima

When connecting two or more windows we use genuine steel reinforced profile to connect at an angle of 90 °. Such a combination will guarantee the structural stability of the compound and also satisfies the throughput of air as well as watertightness. A special pin on the connecting profile to falls into the slots on the window frame.

Varijabilni PVC ugaoni spoj

If we connect two or more PVC windows at angles other than 90 ° then we use variable pvc angular compound that allows us to connect two windows at an angle of 90 ° to 180 °. There is also an prebuilt angular compound to connect two pvc windows at an angle of 45 °, but is is rarely used.

Izduzeni prozor

If you are building a new facility, try to consider the option of PVC windows wings to be at least 2.5 times higher than wide or square. It gives you much better visual appearance of the entire facility.


Easy care, variable design and excellent thermal insulator PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a plastic mass that is fire an water resistant. Because of its water resistance, it is used in the production of windows, doors and conservatories. Structurally PVC is a polymer of vinyl, similar to polyethylene. The only difference is that PVC to every other carbon atom has a group of chloride. It is produced by polymerization of vinyl chloride. Any company that produces granules for the production of PVC profiles for doors and windows is adding additives in order to make profile more resistant to atmospherics and moisture, and other different weather conditions. To ensure additional static stability of profiles, during production we insert steel reinforcement inside one of the profile chambers.

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