The front doors have an important place during construction of the house. Through them we daily come into contact with the outside world, and enter into the intimacy of our home. Therefore, when planning it should be given special attention to them.

PVC front door should meet a couple of standards:

  • longevity - all materials should be slightly oversized to ensure that all functioned and was stable for many years,
  • esthetics,
  • burglar aspect - stiffeners over middle of the door and anti-theft security locks,
  • sealings - particularly in the lower part of the door where is greater venting risk.

All the above, and even more offers ALUPLAST 5-chamber profile system. I has additional stiffener inside the the cervical profile and the increased size the door wing so as to prevent longitudinall door bending.

Large selection of decorative panels with different glasses according to customer needs and stacked models of front doors with possibility of individual designing according to customers space.

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